Friday, May 11, 2018

Budget Friendly Upgrades to Transform Your Interior

When we talk about home upgrades from the perspective of renovation and designing, it’s the matter of anything but budget friendly. Wrapping up and existing decoration and getting ready for the next season is something which can cost a lot. But it doesn’t have to. There are a lot of options which you can consider in order to upgrade your home quickly, conveniently and in a cost effective way.

Fresh paint
Remember all it takes for the room transformation is a change in look. And you can get this look with the help of fresh paint. You don’t need to paint every wall of the area to change the look. Here, you can stick with the color of your choice or you can go for the colors according to seasonal requirements. Although this paint job is a task which you consider something necessary, you can make it a fun activity by calling in some of your friends and family members to have some helping hands. Throw a dinner party as a reward for the accomplishment.

Crown Moulding
Crown Moulding is another option to consider if you want to change the looks of your room drastically. Although it’s the arrangement which sites on the top of the wall, it’s something which catches attention pretty quickly. Applying this Moulding is not less expensive because this work involves a lot of cutting and angling of the Moulding. However, you can do it by yourself if you have expert’s hands. As cost effective option, you can go for Trimroc which is made of polystyrene and coated with plaster in order to ensure reasonable hardness and moisture resistance. This material is very inexpensive and easy to cut and angle according to your requirements.

Faux wall paneling
The ultimate walls decoration options involve use of stones, bricks and wood. These natural materials are cut and shaped into panels. This paneling is very expensive from the perspective of material cost and labor. But the good news is that you can have these panels installed without much of the money spent. You can buy faux walls panels which are made using polyurethane. The material is texturized in such a way that it mimics real stones, wood, or bricks installed on the walls. These panels are not only cost effective but highly convenient when it comes to installation.

Kitchen cabinetry
While you may not want to replace old cabinetry with the new one because it can turn out to be really expensive, you can freshen up the looks by painting the cabinets.

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